Children Ministry


Why children ministry?

From the beginning God was impressed about Abrahams faith, for he said, “ He knows Abraham will command his children after him.

And in Deutronomy 6:4-7, children are God’s heritage and God expects that the children be taught his ways, for the continuity of his righteousness from one generation to another.

Jesus told his disiciples “ suffer the little children to come  me” Mathew 19:14, luke 8:16. Jesus was talking about the responsibility of the fathers as the family heads to give instructions even as they first of all depend on God as they take direction from him.

FUPCI mission have this God given mandate to “ train children” In the way they should grow in the Lord. Starting from our local churches through the national to the international levels . FUPCI  as a mission has this God given mandate

Proverb 22:6: Train up a child in the way he should go, so that when he is old he will not depart

Psalms 78:5-7: For he establish a testimony in Jacob and appointed a law in Isreal which he commanded our fathers, that they should make it known to their children that the generation to come will know the children who would be born that they will tell.

Psalms 127:3: Children are the heritage of the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward.


This is our purpose, this is where we want to be, Mathew 22:37-40. Our children are in desperate need of Godly role models. This is a great opportunity for parents, teachers, guidance, uncles, aunties to be that role model who demonstrates that, they love the Lord with their hearts, their soul and their mind.


Guiding children to learn , believe , accept and share God’s word.

We exist because:

  1. God commands us to teach the scriptures to our children Deutronomy 6:7
  2. The scriptures make one wise for salvation through faith in Jesus Christ, 2 timothy 3:5
  3. Jesus commissioned us to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of Jesus Christ and teaching them all that he has commanded. Matthew 28:19:20
  4. God commands us to tell the next generation of his mighty acts, so that they might see their hope in him and not forget his works but keep his commandments, Psalms 78:1-7


The elements are the more visible aspects of our children’s ministry that provide pathways in which our vision and mission are followed by our children.


  • Deutronomy 11:19 – Teach them to the children.
  • Proverb 22:6 – Train a child in the way.
  • Matthew 19:14 – Let the little children come to me

Written by:

Faith Ufot.